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Hi, my name is Kenji and Iím, like Timmi and my friend Luca a 'Shetland Sheepdog' also known as 'Sheltie'. For those who want to know: the name on my pedigree (which I have!!) is "Blowing the Wind O'the Little Lodge". On May 9, 2011 I saw the first daylight in the city called Albergen.

My mother's name is Suzie and that of my father, who lives in Germany, Kevin. If you want to know more, have a look on the page with my pedigree.
On the page of Luca you can read that my father Kevin also has played a role in his Ďfamilyí. Itís also the father of Lucaís the 'nephewsí.

If you believe my owners something went wrong during fertilization. According to them I'm half cat, but personally, I donít think that at all. I just love it to sit in window sills Ė 7 cm deep is deep enough for me. And I donít consider jumping from chair to chair is something only cats are allowed to do. Nowadays I donít jump (that often) anymore, because they donít allow it. They say Iíll never make the 2 metres from standstill. I think I can, but if Iím not allowed to show it, than not.

I like all other living beings very much. On the streets Iím not allowed to cross the street and race to anybody out there. Weird though. They say a Sheltie shouldnít behave like that, but I do it and I am a Sheltie, so that's nonsense.
I don't need to be petted all the time and find a lot of things terribly interesting. If I'm researching all thatís out there, all of a sudden I need to sit down and listen and go off or so. Odd though, but Iíll listen (because then I get a treat). I love water Ė even if it has become hard in winter. Sometimes it's not strong enough and then Iíll end up in the wet part. In the summer Iíll like to help watering the garden and I also like to swim.

I too have done everything related to obedience. Soon we are going to train for the national exam. Also I can of course listen very well (if I feel like it) and I have, like Luca, won several awards.

I also do sports: Agility of course. That's great fun. In the beginning I had to correct my owner very often and, because he was talking at the same time I did, I couldnít always hear what he was saying. But now he also knows how itís done and he is much better and faster. Fortunately, he bought shoes with studs so it hopefully will speed him up so I don't have to wait for him the next season. I finish the courses well within the standard time and am sometimes called an unguided missile. I don't get that Ė the rest is just so slow.
Because I too do not go to competitions, I jump like Luca ' low '. According to my owner, I might not even be big enough to jump Ďmiddleí, but I donít find myself small at all Ė have a big enough mouth.

Also from me photos and videos are taken. Can I watch them when we are back home. I sometimes do that very attentively, but I often think: Iíve already been there, so then Iíll find something else to do.

Keep an eye on the pages, because they might have been updated.

All the best,

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